TUNE Support: Severity Levels

Please find below descriptions and response times for TUNE Customer Service Severity levels.

Customers can mark their support request with a severity rating by submitting support requests through our contact page.

These SLO’s relate to support of all TUNE products, paid or unpaid.

Level Description Examples
Severity 1 Service unavailable or unusable Attribution stopped

API service down

Login to Platform unavailable

Severity 2 Service significantly disrupted or delayed Attribution significantly slowed

Reports running significantly behind documented guidelines

Unable to create new offers

Unable to create MUrl

Severity 3 Moderate loss of functionality Training/Education Question

Integration Query

Severity 4 Feature Request/Feedback Feature Request


Estimated Response and Update time per severity:

Level First Response Subsequent Update Cadence
Severity 1 <1hr Hourly until remediation
Severity 2 <4 hours Daily
Severity 3 <12 hours Every 2 days
Severity 4 As/If needed As/If Needed

Should you have any queries around these ratings, please don't hesitate to reach out to us 24x7, at support@tune.com.