Attribution Analytics: Twitter Integration Issue 1/25-1/27

Following a recent change to authentication by Twitter, we made some updates to the connection flow in AA. Unfortunately, there was an ongoing and misleading issue within Attribution Analytics dashboard resulting in the Twitter integration to appear as disconnected despite actually being enabled.

On Friday, January 25 at 14:28 PST, Engineering deployed an update to the dashboard to resolve the above issue that disabled the Twitter integration, ceasing the flow of data from Twitter to AA.

On Sunday, January 27 at 20:10 PST, the issue was caught and reverted. Attribution data from Twitter over this time period will not be visible in the dashboard. A full post mortem is in progress and we’d be happy to share the report upon request.


Despite the Twitter integration being enabled, you may see a “spinning circle” icon within the Integrated Apps table on the Twitter integration page. To remedy the “spinning circle” and display integrated apps, simply disable and re-enable the integration using the primary Twitter account in use. Please contact if you have any questions about which primary Twitter account is in use.