Tune: All Systems Up And Running

  There are currently no issues or outages with Tune's systems. If you are experiencing any issues with your HasOffers or Attribution Analytics services please contact and we will gladly assist you.

HasOffers: 522/502 Errors

As of September 6th 2018, some clients utilizing Cloudflare have notified us that they are experiencing intermittent 522 Timeout, and 502 Bad Gateway Errors when accessing the application. Tracking continues to operate unhindered, and all data is being captured and recorded successfully. The Cloudflare has been notified of these issues, and our engineers are currently […]

RESOLVED: Apple Search Ads Attribution Issue

  UPDATE: July 12th Apple has announced that with the release of OS 11.4.1 on July 9th, customers on 11.4+ will be attributed properly back to TUNE. Customers that have not updated will continue to be impacted. Original Incident Due to a minor issue with the Search Ads Attribution API, effective June 5, 2018, data will […]

TMC Attribution Analytics: Unexpected increase in iOS install events - May 16th 2018

At 17:00 PDT, 16th May 2018, we started seeing a large increase in measured installs across some iOS apps. Our engineers are currently investigating possible causes. Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at UPDATE: 14:20 PDT, 18th June 2018: Our engineers continue running our repair script to retrieve […]

Recovered - TMC: Attribution Analytics: SSL Warning on domain

  On May 13, 2018, we encountered SSL issues with the domain.  The issues began at at 02:40 UTC and were fully resolved at 17:05 UTC. During this period, impressions or clicks utilizing a link with the domain may have received a 'SSL certificate' warning.  The and other measurement domains were unaffected. We are conducting […]

Resolved - TMC Attribution Analytics: Postbacks delayed

Current Status: Resolved As of 9:07 PM PDT, 18th of April 2018 postbacks are firing as expected and the backlog has been cleared. We thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue. Previous Status As of 3:30pm PDT, 18th April 2018, TUNE Marketing Console's Attribution Analytics product began to experience a queue in the service […]

Resolved - HasOffers: Event Delays: Tracking Unaffected

Current Status: Resolved As of April 12th, 20:00 PST, the there are no further issues and all reports and events are up to date and complete. At no point did this issue affect the tracking servers, and your traffic continued without interruption. We thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue.   Previous Updates As […]

Resolved - TMC: Attribution Analytics: Cohort Data Delay

Current Status As of April 12th, 14:00 PST, the Cohort Reports are up to date and complete. We thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue. If you have any further questions, your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team will be happy to help. 이 문제를 해결하는 동안 양해해 주셔서 감사합니다. 4월 […]

Resolved - TMC: Attribution Analytics: Retention Data Delay January 10th-15th

Posting of data to Retention reports was delayed from January 10, 2018 15:00 UTC - January 15, 2018 03:20 UTC.  Retention data is currently updating at normal intervals once again as of January 15, 2018 03:20 UTC. Attribution was not impacted and there is no loss of data.  Actuals Reports, Logs Reports, and Cohort Reports are not affected. […]